Find The Beauty – K.S. Rhoads & Among Savages – Masculine Women and Feminine Men

We had the great pleasure of starting the new year in the studio with KS Rhoads and Peter Barbee along with the whole crew of Find The Beauty. A part of the Made In Network, FTB is a new show that pits a couple of song writers together in the studio with a surprise “hit from the past” that needs to be remade in a modern style. The musicians effectively are tasked to “Find The Beauty” in the original recording and help us all understand the original song a little better. KS Rhoads and Among Savages came through with some brilliant ideas! Check out this video as they brainstorm through 48 hours of creativity in the studio and have secret rendevous with FTB producer Lindsay Jamieson.

And keep an eye out for the upcoming episode or 24-HR Records also on the Made in Network coming soon!



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