The Toy Box Studio is now proud to offer a remodeled Carl Tatz design Phantom Focus Mixroom with PhantomFocus HD-1000 Master Reference Monitor System, including PFM ICE Cube-12 Subwoofers accurate down to 20Hz. When you hear how incredible the imaging, depth, and full range of your music you will be blown away! Hearing your music this well makes recording, editing, mixing, and mastering your music at The Toy Box Studio super fun!

Featured on the Carl Tatz TEC award-winning website The Toy Box Studio is great for tracking bands, overdubs, and especially mixing. We have plenty of instruments, a large selection of microphones, outboard processors, keyboards, synths, and a control room that will let you every important detail of your music.

Play the 7ft 1920 Steinway B (often described as one of the best pianos in Music City). Enjoy our collection of cool guitars, basses, amps, the vintage Hammond organ with Leslie, semi-modular synths, and other fun keyboards. Put the groove in your song with our house drum kit including a variety of snare drums, and various percussion. Or simply strum an acoustic and sing your heart out.

Whether your goal is to record a song from scratch, capture inspired vocals, or simply plug your existing mix into our amazing monitors to add the finishing touches to your masterpiece, you can be confident that your finished music will sound awesome outside of the studio in the real world!

See a tour of the studio (before the upgrade)