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The Plastic Bags – “Legal Limit” – Stereo Sessions 10


The Plastic Bags – “Legal Limit” – Stereo Sessions 10
Nelson Christopher – Guitar & Vocal
Joshua Nash – Drums

We are excited to bring you Stereo Sessions 10. We had an amazingly fun night with a large turnout for the audience and bands. Stereo Sessions is a live in studio performance event with real people playing music in real time. All the mixing is done live through the famous MCI console while the audience shoots the video on cell phones and tablets using the Vyclone app. It was a blast! I hope you enjoy it.



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The line up for Stereo Session 10 was: The Plastic Bags, Karma Kite, The One And Only Bill Davis, Martin Dory, Joe Trilogy, The Wild Jays

We will have more videos to share soon!

The Toy Box Studio thanks these great companies for helping to make Stereo Sessions sound so groovy!

Lewitt Audio
Triad Orbit
Artist Relations

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