Hay Bale Studio

Each year Elijah “Lij” Shaw and The Toy Box Studio pack up for the road to Bonnaroo. We build a recording studio on site behind the main stage and house it in hundreds of hay bales for soundproofing. We team up with Music Allies of Asheville NC who invite many of the incredible artists playing Bonnaroo to come record in our humble studio. And thus is born The Hay Bale Studio backstage at Bonnaroo. Once we have the Hay Bale Studio assembled each year we spend four days recording forty bands for forty radio markets. Each hour during the festival an artist comes into our studio to record a few songs for broadcast. We mix the songs live to 2 track (the inspiration for Stereo Sessions here at The Toy Box Studio in East Nashville) and master and upload the recordings directly to radio from our hi tech bales of hay. We now also include multicamera video production brought to you by Loch and Key in real time for Bonnaroo 365 and the Hay Bale Playlist on YouTube.com!

“Mixes and videos while you wait – In about an hour!” 

In one stop each artist is able to hit 40 radio markets around the country at once and be viewed by the gazillions on Youtube. We have recorded hundreds of bands and many hundreds of songs since we began in 2005. And now we invite you to be right there in the studio with us recording with these amazing artists!

So sit back and enjoy the only Bonnaroo experience more intimate than sharing a tent!