Lij Shaw

Hi I’m Lij Shaw, a chart breaking, award winning, music, and podcast producer. I call my Grammy award winning studio, The Toy Box Studio, in East Nashville TN.
Ive been making records for 25 years and love helping artists record their musical vision in the studio. I have recorded all sorts of music from Rock to Classical and everything in between. I enjoy music the most that pushes the boundaries of sound. I love to look for new and unusual ways to make records while taking great pride in streamlining the recording process in the studio.

I want your experience as an artist to be efficient and creative so that when you leave you say “Wow! That was easy and fun and sounds fantastic…”

Contact me to let me know how I can help you with your record:





Lij Shaw


Here are some records that I have made (please email me if you don’t find what you are looking for here. There are many more!)

List of Americana and folk records (and some more rocking ones) from Lij and The Toy Box Studio:


Robby Hecht – (recorded by Lij)


Heather Horton – (recorded and mixed by Lij)


Michael McDermott(recorded and mixed by Lij)


Will Kimbrough – (produced, recorded, and mixed by Lij)


Home Away

Jeff Finlin (Produced, recorded, and mixed by Lij)

(mixed by Lij)

Eleanor Roosevelt – (produced, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Lij)


Amy Loftus – (produced, recorded, and mixed by Lij)

Check out “Peas and Carrots” (and the Google translator Faux Francais version “Pois et Carrottes”!)


The Autumn Defense – (recorded and mixed by Lij)


The Coal Men – (mixed by Lij)


Sara Jean Kelley – (mixed by Lij)


Mickey Cash – (mixed by Lij)


Dean Owens – (produced, recorded, and mixed by Lij)


Mayday Malone – (mixed by Lij)


Andrew Combs –  (recorded, and mixed by Lij)

Steelism (recorded and mixed by Lij)

Daniel Lawrence Walker – (produced, recorded, and mixed by Lij)


Anders Elfstrom – (recorded and mixed by Lij)

Jennifer Knapp (recorded by Lij)


Friends of Lola – (recorded at The Toy Box Studio then mixed and mastered by Lij)


Charles Cain – (produced, recorded, and mixed by Lij)


The Breedings – (recorded by Lij)


Oakhurst – (produced, recorded, and mixed by Lij)

Dave McCann and The Firehearts