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TBS EP17 – Björgvin Benediktsson – Audio Issues.com





Our guest on today’s show is Björgvin Benediktsson, an audio engineer and writer. He is an Alumni from the SAE Institute and has been writing about music production since 2008. He is also the marketing director for Crowd Audio, a site helping home studio musicians find a mixer for their record.

You can check out his blog Audio Issues where he has written guides on EQ, building a home studio and recording vocals. He is a published author, and he also provides great tutorial videos and interviews on his Youtube Channel.

Audio Issues supplies easy to use, practical production tips about music production and audio recording. Björgvin gives you a solid understanding of everything you need to know to produce your own music in your home recording studio.

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Here are links to the resources from the podcast:

Audio Issues Youtube Channel



Resources from the Jam Session: 

Recommended Books

Must Read Books On Music Production and Audio Production:

  1. Modern Recording Techniques
  2. Instrument and Vocal Recording
  3. The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook
  4. The Art of Mixing: A Visual Guide Recording, Engineering, and Production
  5. Master handbooks of Acoustics
  6. Behind the Glass: Top Record Producers Tell How They Craft the Hits
  7. Recording & Mixing Strategies
  8. Mixing Secrets
  9. All You Need is Ears


Recording Gear

  1. Breedlove
  2. Cloudlifter
  3. Focusrite Saffire


Recording Software

  1. Logic Pro X
  2. Fab Filter EQ
  3. Waves Tape Saturation (Eddie Kramer plugin)
  4. LA-2A (color without reducing the gain)

Shout out to Miktek for helping make this podcast happen with their awesome gear! 

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