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Our guest today is Dan Comerchero, a musician, producer, blogger, online businessman, and creator of the Quiztones app for Mac, and iOS. Dan has a successful blog called The Pro Audio Files, a curation of excellent and concise articles and videos on mixing, recording, producing, and mastering. Dan has created an indispensable resource for helpful articles on the whole process of recording. I am very excited to have Dan Comerchero with us today on the The Toy Box Studio Show!

The Pro Audio Files

Some of the great products available from the Pro Audio Files:


Mixing Hip Hop

Learn Compression

Resources Dan Comerchero shared with us on the show:

  1. Lettuce (http://instagram.com/joelhamilton_ — in studio recording with Joel Hamilton, great use of instagram for a studio and band)

  2. Dustin Mystery Room Mastering PDF – http://theproaudiofiles.com/audio-mastering-format-and-delivery-guide-2014/

  3. 45 Marketing Tips for Audio Professionals – http://theproaudiofiles.com/marketing/

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