TBS EP10 – Peertracks – Eddie Corral and Cédrik Cobban

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Our guests today are two ground breaking visionaries that join us from both the music world and the cryptographic digital currency world. Eddie Corral and Cédrik Cobban came across my radar when I was doing a Bitcoin podcast called Bitcoins and Gravy with John Barrett. Eddie and Cédrik are taking the technology that powers Bitcoin and applying it to marketing music using a new platform called Peertracks which is built on the Bitshares network.

Eddie has over 25 years in the music business working with major label artists and establishing independent talent. From radio promotion to national touring, Eddie brings his vast knowledge of the industry and integrates it with the crypto world. Cédrik got into Bitcoin in 2011, then discovered BitShares and decided to spearhead BitShares Music in february 2014.

Understanding the new technology behind block chains, Bitshares, Peertracks and creating new digital currencies can be a lot to grasp  all at once. So hang on tight as Eddie and Cédrik help shed some light on this amazing new platform and the potential to reinvent the music market in a way that gives new meaning to being part of a fan club.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments about Peertracks and what you would like to see included in a new platform for music:

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