TBS EP09 – Anders Elfström


Interviewing Anders Elfström at The Hop Stop in East Nashville after a session using the new Miktek Procast SST podcasting mics.

How do you go from Bullshit to brilliant businessman? Lij Shaw interviews Anders Elfström about his musical journey and radio production career. We learn how Anders started out as a kid punk rocker (in the band Bullshit) to become a very successful radio producer making podcasts for mega furniture retailer Ikea to help them sell rockers (and other stuff).

Who knew that talking about how long we spend in the bathroom could be the key to success in audio production and ultimately music?

Show Note Links:
Five years
Filt  (Anders radio production company. Means “blanket” in English)
IKEA podcast

The fine musicians on Anders 3.0 record:
Lex Price    bass
Ian Fitchuck       drums
John Deaderick           keys
Jason Lehning                    keys
Jen Gunderman                       keys
Joe McMahan                         guitar
Zach Casebolt                         violins
Lera Lynn                             bv

Thanks to Miktek Audio for the Procast SST podasting mics!

A few of our favorite places for food from the studio!
Mas Tacos
Koi Sushi
The Hop Stop
Fat bottom Brewery

Anders Elfström “The New Queen” from Edvard Heinmets on Vimeo.

Anders Elfström – The Nashville Session from filt on Vimeo.


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