TBS EP07 – Peter King

DSC04589What do Dave Grohl and Wynonna Judd have in common? Find out as I talk with Peter King about listening with the heart to music. Peter shares insight into fear, failure, and repeated success while making records whether tracking or mixing.

Peter King has many gold records to his name as a producer, songwriter, keyboardist, and engineer. He moved to Nashville from Australia to create the studio Tone Cafe in Berry Hill. Through his eclectic career he has made many records in the Christian Contemporary Music genre most notably with Hillsong. However his work spans a wide spectrum of artists from the country music of Wynonna Judd, to the the heavy heavy sound of The Valley, to the art rock of Mute Math and pop sound of The Newsboys. He creates big mixes that beautifully highlight the singer while leaving space and detail for the band whether acoustic and folky or electric and funky.

Learn more about Peter at: Tone Cafe

Some of the tools that Peter talked about:

Chandler Limited Little Devil Comressor

Purple MC77

Univeral Audio LA2A

Some of the folks he spoke of:

Hank Williams (mastering engineer)

Shane Wilson

Tommy Sims

Wynonna Judd

Dave Grohl

Rick Rubin



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