Lane Abernathy – Stereo Sessions 6

We are pleased to release the final video for Stereo Sessions 6. Here a few songs from Lane Abernathy with Maria Kowalski accompanying on violin. Lane was kind enough to join us for the intial shooting for SS6 for our trailer video. So we are psyched to have saved some of the best for last!

Stay tuned for the next Stereo Sessions event. We will be teaming up with to offer a supercharged battle of the bands session. It will be a combination of video shot by our talented Myke Scaffidi and you the audience! If you haven’t seen yet look for it in the app stores for iPhone and Android. So charge up your phones and get ready to become the next great video producer!



Lane Abernathy – Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Maria Kowalski – Violin

If You Knew
Since It Was Made

btset5Like What you hear? Get your free MP3s here!

The line up for Stereo Session 6 was: The Double IntendersThe KatiesDiamond CarterNormal The Board, and Lane Abernathy. We will have more videos to share soon!


 Thanks to all who helped make this happen. A huge thanks to Myke Scaffidi for producing the videos and all the hard work of editing till its awesome. Thanks to John for bringing over the new Miktek CV3 before the session. Thanks so much to Zach with Fat Bottom! Thanks to Artist Relations and Ik Multimedia for the new custom shop AAX plugins which made mastering a breeze. And thanks to our talented assistants at The Toy Box Studio for their help: Noah EichlerMichael Martinez, and Jimmy Donovan. You guys all rock!



Like What you hear? Get your free MP3s here!

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