TBS Ep 15 – Lij Shaw Goals For 2015

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Its New Years Day 2015 and time to take a look at setting goals for the year. I am podcasting from a cabin deep in the woods. The turkey is on the wood stove, and the kids are playing like crazy.

Whats the difference between a goal and a wish? I talk about creating a road map for reaching your goals whether personal, making music, or with your business. I decided to put myself up for your accountability by sharing some of my goals for 2015. Including a surprise for April 25th double whammy.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are feeling ready to rock in the new year!



Some of topics I discussed for reaching a larger audience for your podcast, music, or business:

Here is the video program from The Toy Box Studio

And from Bonnaroo

And here are some of the tools I use to create my podcast:


And my personal goal to run the Nashville marathon barefoot!


Here is a killer community you can join to learn more about podcasting for your band, studio, or business (this my affiliate link so thank you kindly if you take a look!)


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