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TBS EP13 – David Glenn – The Mix Academy

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“The Sound Of East Nashville”

Today I am excited to welcome David Glenn, a professional mix engineer from Orlando, FL, who has worked with many great artists including Pablo Villatoro, Blanca Callahan (Group 1 Crew), LaRue Howard, Jeremy Rosado (the American Idol Finalist), Aimee Allen (Warner) and many more. David generously offers his knowledge and advice through an extensive collection of video tutorials which you can find at DavidGlennRecording.com. He has also launched an audio podcast and shares some super cool video interviews with audio professionals to bring mixing insight to all of us. Of course the real gold mine that David created for us is The Mix Academy, a membership site where David shares the complete mixing process from start to finish while members virtually watch over his shoulder to learn tricks of the trade.

Click here to visit David Glenn Recording or The Mix Academy

Click here to visit The Pro Audio Files.

Some of the folks and resources David and I talked about:

Jeris Cole

Harry Gettings

Starke Lake Studios

Pensado’s Place

The Pomadoro Technique

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Headphones for mixing

Behringer X Touch Controller

And here are David’s 5 fabulous tips you can use right now to help your mixes sound more professional!

  1. Use Hi and Lo cut filters to sculpt your mix. Get rid of the lows or highs that you don’t need on the track you are EQing. This is something you can do with stock plugins that will help create focus in your mix. David shares a great tutorial video about mixing layered synths.
  2. From Slate Digital get the free plugin, Revival for the Virtual Mix Rack. With only two amazing EQs you can add sheen to the highs of your mix or rich body to the lows. Go get this free plugin while you can!
  3. Start your mix with a ruff mix. Either request from the client a ruff mix that they might have lived with and gotten used to. Or create one first by simply balancing the tracks before you reach for EQ, compression, and FX. This will give you an idea of how the client hears the songs before you attempt to “reinvent the wheel”.
  4. The Pomadoro Technique. This is a technique for working where you focus without distraction for 20 minutes and then take a break. Tony Maserati also has a great rule called the 10 minute rule that says you should move to the next track or sound every 10 minutes. This keeps you from burning out on one sound when you should be addressing the mix as a whole.
  5. Start by putting something on your mix bus to add character to your mixes. Whether you choose some EQ (Maag EQ4) or Compression (Slate VBC) or a tape emulator (Massey Tape Head) this will give you a sound that allows you to push your mix into some character. Think about it before computers we used to mix on consoles and to tape which added character and personality to a mix. You can create that for yourself by starting with something on your mix bus.


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TBS EP12 – Dan Comerchero – The Pro Audio Files – Quiztones

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Our guest today is Dan Comerchero, a musician, producer, blogger, online businessman, and creator of the Quiztones app for Mac, and iOS. Dan has a successful blog called The Pro Audio Files, a curation of excellent and concise articles and videos on mixing, recording, producing, and mastering. Dan has created an indispensable resource for helpful articles on the whole process of recording. I am very excited to have Dan Comerchero with us today on the The Toy Box Studio Show!

The Pro Audio Files

Some of the great products available from the Pro Audio Files:


Mixing Hip Hop

Learn Compression

Resources Dan Comerchero shared with us on the show:

  1. Lettuce (http://instagram.com/joelhamilton_ — in studio recording with Joel Hamilton, great use of instagram for a studio and band)

  2. Dustin Mystery Room Mastering PDF – http://theproaudiofiles.com/audio-mastering-format-and-delivery-guide-2014/

  3. 45 Marketing Tips for Audio Professionals – http://theproaudiofiles.com/marketing/

Please connect with us with your questions or comments:

Dan Comerchero on Twitter

Email Lij Shaw

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TBS EP11 – Isaac Bolduc – Your Health Insurance Sherpa!

Lij Shaw & Isaac Bolduc

Isaac Bolduc, president of Synergy Consulting, joins me for a Q&A about Health insurance for the musician and Audio Professional.

Isaac has 14 years experience providing health insurance as one of Tennessee’s top rated Blue Cross Blue Shield brokers and is an expert at helping musicians find the right health insurance policy. He has been my insurance provider for years, and has been a huge help!

Isaac Bolduc can get you signed up in no time and help you get peace of mind fast. And best of all it won’t cost you a penny extra for his free help. So call Isaac, the Insurance Sherpa, today!

Email:  Isaac Bolduc


615 415 5755 (Tell him Lij Sent you!)


Email:  Lij Shaw


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